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The Ivy League in the NCAA Tournament this century

Harvard's Siyani Chambers, left, and Brandyn Curry, right,

(Credit: AP)

March Madness brings with it one of sport's unique cliche dichotomies. That bracket looks like this:

"In the NCAA Tournament, it's all about matchups" vs. "There's always a 12-seed upsetting a 5-seed."

There's an inherent contradiction there, but so be it. Hence, the "madness" of this month, which actually is scheduled to last into the following month as well.

One of those 12 vs....

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Cincy’s Mick Cronin says Big East breakup is “tragic”

The referees might have succeeded in quieting down Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin when they hit him with a technical during the Bearcats’ 62-43 loss to Georgetown in the Big East quarterfinals Thursday afternoon, but his Irish passion came out in the postgame press conference when asked for his thoughts on the impending Big East breakup.

Cronin got right to the point. “The whole thing is tragic,”...

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