The Adelphi men’s lacrosse team’s viral sensation was no more Saturday evening as the team, which recently rose to internet fame for taking to the field during a portion of a Donald Trump speech, returned to the field by way of regular music per previously-established NCAA tournament regulations.

Three days ago, Barstool Sports posted video of the Garden City-based team coming out, American flag aloft, to a remix of the president’s speech — including his promise-turned-catchphrase, “We will make America great again.” The clip immediately rocketed in popularity, and as of Saturday, had more than one million views on Instagram, and nearly 8,000 comments, some contentious.

Saturday, NCAA protocol meant they sang a different tune: The host Panthers came out for their game against Pace (which they won, 10-9) to an amped-up version of an original song from The Wolf of Wall Street instead, though the flag still came along for the ride.

According to section 7.9 of the NCAA Division II men’s lacrosse tournament host manual, team-provided warm-up music is not permissible, meaning whatever was allowed during the regular season doesn’t work for the playoffs. The manual instead dictates schools use “host-provided neutral music.” Pace, also hoisting a flag, came out to Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls.”

When asked about their viral fame, a spokeswoman for Adelphi provided two statements previously released by the school. In one, athletic director Danny McCabe stated that the pregame warm-up music “is selected as a team and approved for use so long as they do not contain vulgarity or inappropriate subject matter.”

A second statement, from coach Gordon Purdie, said the team has traditionally chosen patriotic music for its pregame warm-up. “We’re sorry if anyone was offended,” it said.

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Though the Trump intro is technically part of a speech, it is superimposed over music. “In all of our cities and all of our towns, I make this promise,” the clip goes. “We will make America strong again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And we will make America great again.”

Adelphi declined to comment further, and several fans and staff members in the sparse crowd — it was a rain-soaked affair — also declined to comment.