LIU Post

Last year: 17-3 (NCAA champion)

Coach: Meghan McNamara (sixth season, 79-14)

Players to watch: A Jackie Sileo (45, 96 a), Ashley Olen (74,18), Abbie Ross (53,11), M: Brie-Claire Drost, Katie Rotan (28 g, 36 gb). G: Dominique Mosca (6.06)

Newcomers: M/D: Katie Ventrella. M/A: Emily Delaney

Key stat: Outscored opponents 337-177. Sileo set an NCAA record for points in a championship (17) and school record for single-season assists. Olen set single-season record for goals.

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Outlook: Expect to defend title with powerful offense and veteran goalkeeper.



Last year: 16-3

Coach: Rob Grella (Second season, 16-3)

Players to watch: A: Devan Crimi (50, 21), Sara Sangiorgio (49,5). M: Meg Brown ( 42,12), Alexa Froccaro (29,9), Danielle Jaycox ( 27,6). D: Jacqueline Williams (26gb). G: Jordan Dempsey

Newcomers: A: Rachel Aitkens, Rachel O’Brien, Roxanne Raab, Emily Keesling, Carlyanne Ortmann. M: Camille Rosellini. D: Katy Richardson, Cassidy Sauvageau, Nona Stoia. G Taylor Hayes

Key stat: Led the nation in scoring offense (17.89 goals per game)

Outlook: Expect to defend Northeast-10 Championship and win an NCAA Championship.


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Last year: 13-4

Coach: Kerri McCabe (Fifth season, 58-22)

Players to watch: M: Sam Stavish (38, 5), Kelly Cefalu (43 goals in 2011, injured last year). A: Kelly Difede (30), Jackie Anderson (61,21). D: Meagan Smith (18,15 ct). G Tina Fey

Newcomers: D: Taylor O’Brien, Emma Ferreira, Lindsey Cafiero. M Sam Citron, Allie Merrill

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Key stat: Won second straight ECC title

Outlook: NCAA berth well within reach.



Last Year: 9-8

Coach: Tom Campolettano (Eighth season, 59-48-1)

Players to Watch: M: Kaitlynn Kelly (52, 8a), Nicole Mastrianni (21,7), A: Alexa Toscano (21,27), Codi Reiser (15, 15). D: Danielle Clesi (41gb, 56 dc, 35 ct), Emily Glenn (31, 10, 15ct)

Newcomers: A: Ariana Cavallone. M: Anna McGovern. D: Kim Quigley, Kelsey Dougherty, Katie O’Brien, Caitlin Caiazza. G: Caroline Winters

Key Stat: Won six of last eight games of 2012 season.

Outlook: Looking to become a contender in tough conference.