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More conference movement

Hofstra's Moussa Kone pulls down a rebound in

Hofstra's Moussa Kone pulls down a rebound in the first half of an NCAA men's basketball game vs. George Mason at Mack Sports Complex. (Feb. 20, 2013) (Credit: James Escher)

If it seems like we’re beating a dead horse with all of this conference realignment business, blame the colleges. Every month there is a report of some school jumping to some conference or some conference going after another school.

This week it’s George Mason, which will reportedly jump from the CAA to the Atlantic-10. This wasn’t a surprise. Many observers thought George Mason was going to leave the CAA for the Atlantic-10 when VCU did. Fast forward to March 2013: The Atlantic-10 loses Butler and Xavier to the new Big East. What happens next? George Mason moves on the Atlantic-10.

CAA commissioner Tom Yeager was confident his league would recover from its latest defection.

“It’s the world we live in…It’s an occupational hazard,” Yeager said. “We just have to deal with it and move on.”

Yeager hinted the conference has a contingency plan and said “we might” have something on the immediate horizon.

This means more dominoes are certain to fall, especially if Dayton and St. Louis eventually leave the Atlantic-10 for the new Big East. This also, unfortunately, leaves us open to a ton of speculation on what school is next to leave what conference.

This also leads us to…wait for it…Stony Brook.

The Atlantic-10 could be down as many as four teams in 2014-2015. There’s no doubt the league will be looking to fill that void, especially with several years left on its deal with the Barclays Center.

When the Atlantic-10 signed its five-year deal with the Barclays Center, there’s no debating that the area officials were expecting to get five years of great programs and great basketball. Losing Butler and Xavier, and possibly Dayton and St. Louis, couldn’t have left smiles on the faces of Barclay Center bosses.

This isn’t to say Stony Brook will be in the Atlantic-10 next year. Sources in the know believe Davidson, Delaware, Northeastern and possibly Siena are on the league's short list. All four teams fit in the Atlantic-10 foot print.

But the way the Seawolves handled themselves this season, the promising play by freshmen Jameel Warney, Carson Puriefoy and Scott King, and the return of Anthony Jackson and Dave Coley next season could lead Stony Brook to big things.