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Carmelo Anthony may not see Phil Jackson’s vision, but Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek seems to get it. He said it’s about being patient.

That’s not something that’s reassuring to Knicks fans, who have had to endure losing year after year, or the soon-to-be 33-year-old Anthony, who carries that burden more than anyone else as the face of the franchise.

When the Knicks stood pat at Thursday’s trade deadline, it led to more questions than answers. Anthony was one who questioned the franchise’s plan because he expected something to happen — just not involving him.

Hornacek said the plan — for the time being — is to see if the Knicks can pick up the offense and get on a run.

Of course, that was the plan in November, December and January, too. The fact that they’re still talking about learning the triangle offense in late February, with only 24 games remaining, has to be alarming.

“Management has confidence in these guys that they can get going if they end the season well,” Hornacek said away from the usual media scrum. “Phil always says, ‘My teams in L.A. and Chicago, it took a good year for those guys to really grasp [the offense].’ I think they’re being patient with the guys we have, trying to figure it out.

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“We’d all like to win a lot more than we are, but I think the vision is still that this can work but we have to be patient with it.”

But the Knicks were looking for deals, making and taking offers for nearly everyone besides Kristaps Porzingis and Willy Hernangomez. Derrick Rose was close to being moved to Minnesota for flashy Spanish point guard Ricky Rubio, but talks fell apart.

The inactivity led to the belief that the Knicks would unofficially start tanking to get a higher lottery pick in a point guard-heavy top of the draft and give Porzingis and Hernangomez more opportunities to develop. Hornacek said that’s not the plan — yet.

“No one’s told me that,” he said. “We’re still playing it like we’re trying to get better at all this stuff with the guys we have. There will be a lot of things. Derrick’s contract is up at the end of the year. A decision will come.

“If we all of a sudden catch on to this stuff and it looks like it’s getting better and better, maybe Derrick gets signed back and they keep the guys together and grow from that. But if it doesn’t look like it’s catching on, maybe it’s the other thing. That’s something for Steve [Mills] and Phil to evaluate.”

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It’s likely that decisions already have been made on Rose, some of the Knicks’ other pending free agents and some players under contract (Anthony). Even if the Knicks go on an improbable run, they still need to make major changes — and they will.