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Michael Vick on the sidelines during the NFL Michael Vick on the sidelines during the NFL game against the Arizona Cardinals. The Carindals defeated the Eagles 27-6. (Sept. 23, 2012) Photo Credit: Getty Images

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Is Vick a fit for Jets?

Michael Vick will be looking for a new team in 2013 after he's released by the Eagles.

The Jets will be looking for a new No. 1 quarterback in 2013 after the benching of Mark Sanchez.

Will the Jets look to Vick as their next starter?

Though it's still too soon to tell -- remember, we don't even know who's going to be calling the personnel shots next year because of general manager Mike Tannenbaum's uncertain situation -- there's still plenty of buzz about the possibility of Vick to the Jets.

And though Vick isn't saying publicly where he'll end up, he is saying he believes he has many more years ahead of him as an NFL starter.

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"I'm not a backup. Just being honest, just being candid. I'm a full-fledged starter," Vick told this week. "Whatever happens, wherever I end up, they're going to get 110 percent. You're going to get the same thing out of me that you got the last two, three years and that's 110-percent effort and a guy that's confident in his abilities to play and win. I want to start."

Vick would certainly be an upgrade to Sanchez, who has committed an NFL-high 50 turnovers over the last two seasons combined. But Vick still doesn't solve the Jets' problems long-term at the position. And with his history of injuries, the risk-reward ratio simply isn't in the team's favor. Consider: Only once in Vick's career has he started every game, and that was in 2006, the year before he was arrested and jailed for his involvement in an illegal dogfighting operation.

Vick, who turns 33 in June, had his best year with the Eagles in 2010, when he replaced Kevin Kolb as the starter. He had a career-best 21 touchdowns and only six interceptions that year. But his effectiveness diminished from there, and injuries mounted, largely because of his reckless style as a scrambler. Vick suffered a concussion each of the last two seasons, and missed four games this year before being cleared. The Eagles are now going with rookie Nick Foles the rest of the season.

If the Jets are looking for a veteran presence next season, the far safer alternative is 49ers quarterback Alex Smith, who will almost certainly be on the market after being replaced by Colin Kaepernick.