It seems the controversy can be put to rest now. Despite testing positive for something bad under the NFL drug policy, Brian Cushing won the AP Defensive Rookie of the Year award in the revote put forward by the Associated Press.

Cushing tested positive for a banned substance back last September, appealed, lost his appeal, and the results were released to the public in recent weeks. Cushing will serve a four game suspension at the beginning of next season.

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Now this created all sorts of discussion over whether or not he should keep his AP Defensive Rookie of the Year award. Ultimately the AP decided to throw it back to the voters, of which the big Daddy of this blog, Bob Glauber, is one, and the voters said that it didn't make a difference, and that Cushing deserved the recognition. Glauber gave you his two cents here.

Is it fair that a revote was pushed on voters so quickly, and without all of the facts of the positive test known? Who knows. It's interesting though, to see how the NFL reacts to a positive drug test, and to compare it to how they react in baseball? I'm curious to know if this had happened to a recent ROY winner or MVP, would there have been a call for a revote? There weren't any calls for revote for any of A-Rod's MVP awards yet he was a self admitted user of performance enhancing drugs. Anyway, this is the last we'll hear about this I guess. Until it happens again.