Greg Rosenstein of Commack: It'd be great. I don't think [the weather] would make much difference to the professionals. I would think there'd be plenty of excitement for it.

Greg Iorio of West Islip:

It's really coming to New Jersey anyway, it's not going to be in New York. All I know is the Giants better be in it.

Jessica DiGrazia of Bay Shore:

I want it to be in New York because everyone has a chance to see it. Rain or shine, everyone is gonna be there. We're New Yorkers.

Chris Gutierrez of Brentwood:

It's going to generate a lot of business and really help the economy in New York. And it's supposed to be played in cold weather; it's football.

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Anthony Vanchieri of Maryland (working temporarily in Bay Shore):

I'm tired of seeing the Super Bowl in Arizona and Florida. New York's the capital of America. I would come up [from Maryland] to see it. It's worth the three-hour drive.

Sanobar Baloch of Islip:

2014? We're all dying in 2012, bro. It should be a year from now.

Ronny Mejia of Bay Shore:

It's the best thing that could happen. It'd be crazy. It would be real cool.

Isaiah Richardson of Brentwood:

For New York, it's great. It would worsen the traffic, but it'd be great.

Shaun Manusama of Massapequa:

It's great for New York. Even with the cold weather, true football fans will stay and watch it.

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Rob Noto of Patchogue:

I think it's consistent with what the NFL's been trying to do. They think outside the box. A Super Bowl here would be great for the league.