If you are looking to pick an argument with Damon Harrison, you can start by trying to make the point that the Giants have the best defense in the NFL.

Presented with that opinion on a conference call on Monday, the Giants’ defensive tackle shot down the theory.

“No, sir,” he said sternly when asked if the Giants are the best. “We’re not.”

Technically, he’s correct.

The Giants are ranked 15th in yards allowed per game (347.5) and third in scoring defense (17.9) so far this season. But in the past few weeks, no one has played better than they have. Having just held two other playoff contenders to 7 and 6 points in crucial wins certainly puts the Giants in the conversation for the best defense in the NFL.

“Our defense is playing extremely well,” quarterback Eli Manning said. “It’s fun to watch them and great to have them on our side.”

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But even he would not bite at the idea of them being the best.

It’s not even something the Giants aspire to be, Harrison insisted.

“That’s not our goal,” he said. “I couldn’t tell you or even want to compare us to any other defense. I like our defense and think we’re doing a pretty good job. We’re just looking to continue to get better. Putting the ranking on it and saying we’re the best, that’s not what we’re about at all.”

So what is the goal then?

“Our goal is obviously to make it to the playoffs and put a fifth trophy in the case,” he said. “If that comes with it, then fine. That’s just not something that’s talked about.”

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That would certainly be an argument ender.