Geno Smith blitzed suspended WFAN host Craig Carton on Twitter with this post Tuesday afternoon:

“Same guy who was calling me a thug on some lame radio station was running a Ponzi scheme?? Funny how life works, can’t believe these fools!”

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In another post, the Giants’ backup quarterback and former Jets starter wrote: “Throwing rocks and try to hide their hands . . . The universe has an amazing sense of humor!”

Carton has been critical of Smith on the air, but it was not clear which specific incident Smith was citing.

Carton was arrested last Wednesday and charged with conspiracy and wire and securities fraud in connection with an alleged Ponzi scheme tied to a ticket reselling business.

Al Dukes, the producer of WFAN's morning show responded to Smith on Twitter several hours later: "Pretty sure he just called you a terrible quarterback. Not a thug."