Giants hoping to regain their swagger against Packers

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz reacts New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz reacts after making a reception during the first the first half. (Jan. 15, 2012) Photo Credit: AP

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When the Giants look back on how they beat the Packers in last year's playoffs, essentially shutting down the league's best offense and neutralizing the NFL's Most Valuable Player, they don't talk about Xs and Os. They don't praise pressures and pick apart personnel. They don't dwell on specific downs.

They talk about that game in a much more ethereal sense than perhaps any other they have played in recent seasons. The biggest memory from that 37-20 victory at Lambeau Field is a vibe, a feeling.

"We were just in synch," Antrel Rolle said Wednesday, recalling that game. "It was incredible. Probably the best thing I've ever been a part of and we were just laying it on the line for each other. There were no doubts of who was going to be where or anything. We just did what we did as a team. Everyone was in synch."

"Our confidence last year, our chemistry last year, it was so crazy I couldn't believe it, especially going into that game," fellow safety Kenny Phillips said. "We're definitely trying to get back to that, and hopefully it will show this week."

The Giants think it will. But maybe that's the biggest difference between Sunday's game and last year's. When they were in the playoffs, the Giants knew it, believed it. This time there's more uncertainty, a hint of wait-and-see.