High-jumping Andre Brown is right at home in the end zone

Andre Brown celebrates his touchdown in the first Andre Brown celebrates his touchdown in the first half of a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at MetLife Stadium. (Nov. 4, 2012) Photo Credit: Jim McIsaac

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Most call the area inside the 20-yard line the red zone. Tom Coughlin prefers to call it the green zone. But even further inside that area lies another color-coded sliver of field that stretches from the goal line to the 2 and extends, well, upwards.

Call it the Brown zone. The Andre Brown zone.

Brown leads the Giants with seven rushing touchdowns -- he is tied for the second-most rushing touchdowns in the NFL -- and yet none of them has been longer than 2 yards.

Sometimes he runs around the defenses to the corner, sometimes he pushes through them. But then there are times, such as late in the Bengals game two weeks ago or in the fourth quarter against the Panthers in September, that he takes to the air and flies into the end zone.

Brown used to play a game with his younger brother called "Over the Top." They would spread two sleeping bags on their mom's bed, each a different color, and take turns jumping over each other and trying to land on the far color. Sometimes even the cousins would get involved.