For two weeks the Giants and Patriots repeatedly have been asked what's going to happen in Super Bowl XLVI, but let's be honest here.

These guys don't know any more than the rest of us.

So one night this past week, three of your Newsday representatives left the teams behind in search of someone in the host city who really can tell us what's in store in the big game.

And what we found was a 63-year-old woman who lives on the north side of town with her seven cats, three dogs and, well, lots of spirits.

She calls herself an "intuitive therapist," and what she's been hearing about the Super Bowl -- as she put it -- is that the Patriots will win. By three points.

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"This is how it's coming to me," psychic Marilene Isaacs said. "There's hidden injuries. You always read the different tabloids this person has this injury or that injury, but my sense is there are big facades where there are some really hidden injuries."

As she tells us how injuries could be a defining story line of this game, let's make this clear: Isaacs is not like the psychics you're used to seeing on television.

While her home certainly is unique -- it's one big circular stucco structure, painted in deep colors -- there are no special gimmicks lying around inside to aid her readings. She doesn't use tarot cards, lucky jewelry or special candles.

Instead, Isaacs sits across from you, closes her eyes, sometimes puts her hands toward the sky and then simply tells you what she's hearing.

"Tell me their colors," she said of the two teams, her eyes closed. After a few seconds of silence, she smiles and says she's has something interesting.

"I don't think this is a score, but ever since I've been tuning into the whole thing, I keep hearing the numbers 38 and 8," she said. "And I don't know if those are players' numbers. I don't know what it means, but all day I've been hearing it -- the numbers 38 and 8."

Perhaps a 38-yard touchdown thrown by someone wearing No. 8? Giants backup quarterback David Carr wears No. 8, but if he's playing, what happened to Manning?

Uh oh.

''The biggest thing of a concern I would have,'' she said, "is injuries."

Does she hear anything specific about Manning? "I felt a discomfort with him,'' she said. "I don't know why . . . He's rethinking strategies. I think maybe they're working something with how they do their plays."

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Isaacs said she's been giving psychic readings for 42 years and that she even worked for the police during a murder investigation. She's spent most of her life in Indianapolis, though as luck would have it -- if you will -- she lived a few months in Huntington Station while attending C.W. Post in 1967.

The game will be exciting, she continually assured us, and yet she kept coming back to injuries.

"I'm a little worried," she said. "That's a key concern, a danger. We need to be careful. I think there's the potential for a couple of injuries there."

Asked to pinpoint a critical moment in the game, she said, "I feel like something happens 18 to 23 minutes in."

She said the Patriots will be much more physical than usual, which she said is driven by some sense of anger. Might that stem from thoughts of avenging the loss of their perfect season four years ago? She said it certainly fits what she's hearing.

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When asked about Patriots coach Bill Belichick, she said he's real tired. On Friday, Belichick was asked how he's been sleeping this week. "I slept like a baby," he said. ". . . I have no problem rolling over, putting my head on that pillow, and I'm out."

At the end of our reading, she reminded us that no one will think the game was boring. We will be entertained until the final minutes. And for one parting gift, she offered this: When the Super Bowl comes to New York in 2014, it's not going to snow.

She's hearing rain.