Former Redskins linebacker Keenan Robinson said earlier in the week that his old team had a habit of pointing fingers at each other when things did not go well. To some it may have sounded like sour grapes. To Jay Gruden, it had a ring of truth.

“That might have been the case,” the Redskins coach said on a conference call Wednesday, “but I think we’ve flushed a lot of that here as of late, the last couple of years.”

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The remarks by both come with Washington 0-2 and reports of discord in the locker room.

“I know Keenan was a little frustrated last year, his injury held him back quite a bit,” Gruden said. “I didn’t really see that, and I never really heard anything of that sort. He’s down in the locker room, if he said it, so be it. But I’ve never had that indication and I don’t see that right now.

“Anytime you’re 0-2 in the NFL, you’re going to have people that are upset and I want them to be upset, we should be upset,” he continued. “But I don’t see anybody pointing fingers. Coming to work today, everybody was on time and everybody is excited to go to practice.”

Receiver DeSean Jackson weighed in on the tenor of the Washington locker room as well.

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“Being 0-2, we can easily point fingers and say it is this and that, but as a team, I think everyone can do better,” he said. “We are just staying the course and really just trying to gel together as a team and hopefully we can fight, come out swinging. We have kind of been in a similar situation last year, early in the season we kind of struggled and kind of just caught fire and got hot, so we are just trying to stick with it and not have the ship sink, you know?”