GREEN BAY, Wis. — The Giants have lost three games in a row and sit alone in the basement of the NFC East. Yet Justin Pugh still thinks they are the team to beat.

“Our division is good,” Pugh said. “I think we’re the best team in our division, even though we sit at the bottom. I think every team doesn’t want to play us, but we have to go out and prove that. I can say it all I want, we have to go out and prove it. We played some good teams these past two weeks, and we have to take a hard look at the tape and get better from it quick.”

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The Giants are 2-3 overall and 1-1 in the division.

“We played Dallas, we played the Redskins,” Pugh said, defending his statement of Giants superiority. “I know how they are. Obviously, Philly has done some good things. We have to play them still. But go ask Dallas and go ask the Redskins how they feel about us.”

Pugh was just one of the Giants who walked out of Lambeau Field with a surprisingly positive outlook.

“We’ll be all right,” Odell Beckham Jr. said. “I mean shoot, three losses in a row, we had two wins in a row, you can put it together and end up winning next week, win in London, go into a bye week 4-3. It’s not exactly what you want, but we’re going to fight, scratch and claw for each and every win from now on. We have to.”