Landon Collins didn’t give much credence to the stories that floated around this weekend pinning Alabama coach Nick Saban to the Giants job before it was officially given to Ben McAdoo.

“Last time I talked to Coach Saban he said he loves where he’s at,” said Collins, the Giants safety who played at Alabama. “He loves his players, he loves to teach and make boys into men. He likes to be in the college atmosphere and being underneath him he definitely does a great job there. I don’t think he wants to come back to the NFL.”

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Tom Arnold disagrees. The actor/comedian said over the weekend that Saban expressed interest in the Giants job through an intermediary. Whether true or not, it’s hardly far-fetched. The Giants had interest in Saban when they had an opening in 1997 and eventually hired Jim Fassel.

Asked if he could imagine playing for Saban in the NFL, Collins paused thoughtfully before answering.

“No, I cannot,” he said. “I cannot. It’s different. You’re kids [in college] and then you’re messing with grown men. I don’t know. It’s different. You yell at us, a lot of men are going to yell back.”