The Jets will host the first preseason game as well as the first prime-time regular-season game at the new stadium. The Giants will host the first regular-season game there. But no matter which way the coin fell, both teams are late to the game.

That's because the first actual event at the New Meadowlands will be held on April 10 when six college teams take part in a men's lacrosse tripleheader called the Big City Classic. The first team to play there, then, will actually be the Hofstra men's lacrosse team when they face Delaware. They'll be followed by Virginia vs. North Carolina and Princeton vs. Syracuse.

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The best part: You don't need a PSL to watch the lacrosse action. My suggestion to those who want to see the stadium in person but can't afford the sizeable plunk of cash required to attend an NFL game is to pick up tickets for the lacrosse action.

You can do that here.

(Newsday Photo: James A. Escher)