Tom Coughlin's reaction to Eli Manning admitting that he came into training camp "a little nervous" because of the new offense?

"That's a good thing," Coughlin said Tuesday. "That's what all this was done for. To make him a little nervous and excited about studying and getting back at it. And the rest of them too. I think that's a good response."

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Manning spoke about his anxiety on Monday when the Giants reported to training camp. Coughlin also said he likes that Manning is a bit uncomfortable.

"That's the position that I've taken since Day One: We don't want anyone around here comfortable," Coughlin said. "That's a good thing."

Coughlin said he himself also has been energized by the new offense.

"I've got to study it too," he said. "It's a foreign language. What we tried to do with our previous offense was to taper down all of the verbiage. This offense has a lot of verbiage. That's the issue that keeps us on our toes, a lot of verbiage."