Odell Beckham Jr. came into Saturday night's game without a preseason catch. He left as the Giants' third-leading receiver through three games.

The second-year star had five catches for 31 yards, including a 7-yard pickup on the first drive that broke the ice on his preseason goose egg.

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"It's still preseason," Beckham said of getting off the schneid. "None of those catches count for anything really, so it doesn't really matter as much, but it's still great to be able to come out here and run routes and get open in the game and be able to catch passes. But like I said, there's still so much we need to improve on that it's kind of irrelevant."

Beckham was one of those who chose to look at the 28-18 loss to the Jets -- and the preseason as a whole -- as half-full.

"I think we're on the right path," he said. "There's just a lot of corrections that need to be made. And they're small things. We'll be able to go in and watch the film and see how guys played . . . We just have to work through it. It's not going to be clicking from the get-go, and like I said, we were [5-0] in the preseason last year and we didn't have the best of seasons, so I don't think wins and losses right now are really as important as what we need to be doing."

One thing Beckham did suggest will help the growth of the offense: whittling down the roster.

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"The unfortunate side of this is that it's all a business," he said. "After today, there's only going to be 75 [players]. And after next week, there's going to be 53. The reality of it is that not everybody who's here now is going to be here [for the regular season]. That's hard to deal with. But at the same time, once you find those guys who are the 53, I think you can really see who comes together and how you come together. It's kind of all hard to tell right now."