It’s hard to find anyone who wants to win a championship as badly as Odell Beckham Jr. But he may have found one right in his own huddle.

Beckham on Sunday spoke about Eli Manning and speculated on some of the reasons he may be driven to win a third Super Bowl this season.

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“Obviously he knows what it takes to win,” Beckham said with a quick glance to the banners that hang in the Giants’ field house that show the names of all the players on each of the team’s Super Bowl-winning teams. “He’s got two of them. His brother has two of them. I’m sure he’s got to bring one home this year to be able to stick his chest out a little bit in that household of legends.”

Beckham said, as he often has, that all he cares about is winning. He said he feels a different vibe from this year’s team than in his first two seasons when the Giants failed to reach the playoffs.

“I can’t explain how excited I am about that, being on a team where you feel a winning atmosphere, a team that has a chance to really compete this year,” he said.

And, he noted, Manning is pretty jazzed up too. Even if he doesn’t always show it.

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“I think he’s excited about the opportunity,” Beckham said. “More than excited.”