The Giants brought Olivier Vernon to New York to help them end their streak of four straight seasons without making the playoffs. Turns out that’s one of the same reasons Vernon signed with the Giants.

“The big picture is getting to the Super Bowl, getting to the postseason,” said the defensive end whose free-agency signing capped a huge spending spree by the franchise earlier this offseason. “I’ve never been there. I would love to see how it is to play in the postseason.”

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Vernon signed a five-year, $85-million deal with the Giants in March but said he still feels like he has a lot to prove.

“I’ve worked for everything,” he said of the contract and the expectations that come with it. “Coming into the league my first year I was on special teams. I had to work to get my place out on the field, and that’s what I did my second year. I’ve just been working for everything that I’ve gotten. This is just another opportunity for me to improve on my talents and go out there with something to prove. I have goals that I already set that I’m just trying to check off right now.”

The playoffs and a championship are at the top of that list.