INDIANAPOLIS -- Kyle Arrington took a deep breath, exhaling as he tried to explain his emotions.

"Just overall disappointment," the Patriots cornerback said. "A lot of guys put a lot of work into this year. It's been a long year. This team is special, a special group of guys. And it's just disappointing not only for myself but everybody else."

Arrington, who played for Hofstra, already was second-guessing himself, essentially replaying things in his head.

"In a game like this, it's 'I could have done this better, I could have done that better.' Maybe it would have been the difference,'' he said. "But everybody left it out on the field."

Arrington thinks that was the case even on the Giants' final drive, when the Patriots let Ahmad Bradshaw score untouched on a 6-yard run that gave the Giants a 21-17 lead with 57 seconds remaining.

The Patriots were playing "freeway" defense, allowing Bradshaw to score so the Patriots could get the ball back.

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"It's not really hard -- it's unorthodox," Arrington said when asked if it's tough as a defender to let someone walk in for a score like that. "But we had to get the ball back in 12's [Tom Brady's] hands, so that was the call."

As for the Giants' trio of receivers -- Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham and Victor Cruz -- Arrington said they were a handful.

"It's pick your poison with those guys," Arrington said. "Manningham, Cruz, Nicks. They're a talented group of guys. It was a great team we played and they deserved to win tonight."