LANDOVER, Md. -- Robert Griffin III was a star in college, so it's not as if he hasn't heard the cheers of a grateful stadium before.

But for a rookie on a .500 NFL team, he admitted it meant a lot when fans at FedEx Field chanted his nickname -- "R-G-3!, R-G-3!' -- in a pivotal game being played on national, prime time television.

"I've had the feeling before at Baylor,'' he said after the Redskins' 17-16 victory over the Giants, "but to do it in the NFL and have the fans all behind you, not just the quarterback, but behind the team, there's a lot of excitement around this team, and I think everybody feels it.

"We knew the atmosphere was really charged up and electric and the fans definitely showed up for us. It's great that we could get the win for them.''

Griffin's statistics were not as gaudy as usual, but they were enough.

"The outcome was a win, that's what you want,'' he said. "Stats don't really mean anything . . . We made the plays when it counted. We held onto the ball when we needed to, there at the end, and seal the victory.''

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Such is Griffin's do-no-wrong vibe these days that even when he erred, fumbling deep inside Giants territory, he somehow managed to bat the ball in the direction of receiver Joshua Morgan, who grabbed it and ran it in for a score.

"I just knew he was doing to be there ready for it,'' Griffin said. "I just had to make sure I grabbed that guy's leg that was right next to me, so that he wouldn't get to it.''

But seriously, he did that on purpose?

"I mean, we've already gone through this,'' he said. "It was a pitch to Josh. I knew he was going to be there, so I'm going to stay with that story.''

Griffin has taken some criticism for absorbing unnecessary hits, and it happened again late in the game.

"I could feel the typewriters writing when I took that hit,'' he said. "People are saying I run too much. We had talked about this a few weeks ago, when the clock stops and doesn't stop. I knew we were under four minutes. I had to stay inbounds. I just kind of got a little stuck there on the sideline because I was bee-lining toward the sideline and at the last second realized I needed to stay in.

"Coach called it the 'Gumby hit,' because my legs bent like Gumby. It was fine. You have to take those for the team sometimes. The guys, all in the huddle, asked me if I was OK before I called the play, and I told them I was."