Revenge is a two-way street for Deon Grant.

The Patriots may be trying to make up for their loss to the Giants in Super Bowl XLII, but he's playing to make amends for losing to the Patriots when he was a member of the Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII.

"I don't care about their revenge, I'm trying to win a Super Bowl," the veteran safety said. "It's like when I'm getting in a fight with somebody. I'm not looking at why he's going to be coming in and swinging really hard because of what's in his mind. I'm trying to knock him out before he knocks me out. I could care less what's on his mind."

Grant is one of four Giants who have been on the losing side in a Super Bowl. The others are Tony Ugoh (Colts), Antrel Rolle (Cardinals) and Rocky Bernard (Seahawks).

"We've got guys in this locker room that have played in the Super Bowl that haven't won," Grant said. "So the whole talk is about Brady and history and all that. Our revenge is definitely in this locker room."

Bernard said he remembers the feelings of being on the losing team in a Super Bowl. He recalled sitting on the bench after the game with the confetti coming down and officials trying to get him and his teammates to hurry up and get off the field.

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"It's not a pretty sight when you lose a Super Bowl," Bernard said. "You work so hard during the week, during the year, and you end up short. It's a tough loss."

"I definitely don't want to be on that end again by any means," said Rolle, whose Cardinals lost to the Steelers in the final minute of Super Bowl XLIII. "If I have to get carried off the field, so be it. Whatever it takes at this point."

Rolle said he will not talk to his teammates about that loss because he does not believe in discussing negative events. But Tom Coughlin said the team will try to "draw from the experiences" of the players who have been to the Super Bowl and lost it.

Rolle said if Coughlin insists, he will share his thoughts. "Whatever he wants me to do, I'm all for it," he said.

But even if he doesn't, surely anyone can imagine what it's like to lose a Super Bowl, right?

"No, you can't imagine what it feels like unless you actually go through it," Rolle said. "You can't imagine what it feels like. It's an open-ended feeling. You're always thinking 'What could I have done differently? What if I had done this differently?' "

Players have to deal with their own regrets after losing a Super Bowl, but they also have to deal with the public. Victor Cruz was a student-athlete at UMass when the Giants beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII and remembers watching the game in the apartment of fellow Minuteman and future NBA player Gary Forbes. There they were surrounded by legions of Patriots fans expecting to celebrate a perfect season.

"It got pretty ugly in that apartment complex," Cruz said. "UMass gets pretty crazy. Guys were tipping cars. It was out of control, to say the least."