Coughlin and Manning have "a nice conversation"

Eli Manning reacts to a play during a

Eli Manning reacts to a play during a game against the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium. (Oct. 28, 2012) (Credit: Getty Images)

Tom Coughlin normally drops in on Eli Manning in the quarterbacks room on Tuesdays to say hello, go over a few things, make sure he and Manning are moving forward together. On Tuesday, following one of the poorest performances of Manning’s career – certainly the worst in the regular season since he became a Super Bowl winner in 2007 – Coughlin again stopped by. This time, though, the two spoke in what Coughlin seemed to indicate was a little more depth.

“Yesterday we had a nice conversation," Coughlin said. "Most of the time it's about fundamentals and about us getting going, and what can I do to help. And little things that I could do to tweak in terms of practice that may help us. He's been very responsive with regard to that. We've been down this road before. He's going to get this thing right, get our offensive team going again and get us on track. I fully believe that and have great confidence in his ability to do that.”

What the key to getting the passing game back to its early-season form?

“Let's get on the same page,” Coughlin said. “Let's practice well. Let's do a great job in recognition in terms of our adjustments. Let's be decisive. Let's get the ball thrown on target to the receiver, according to what the coverage tells us to do. It's just a rhythm.”

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