Cruz: 'I didn't feel any pressure' from contract

Victor Cruz makes a reception during training camp.

Victor Cruz makes a reception during training camp. (July 30, 2013) (Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke)

Back when Victor Cruz was making squat as an undrafted rookie, he scored three touchdowns in the preseason opener. On Saturday night in Pittsburgh, his first game after signing a six-year, $46-million extension, he scored just one.

Clearly the Giants are wasting their money on this guy.

All kidding aside, Cruz said his first game as a rich person was really no different than any of his previous ones. In case you thought he might pay someone else to stretch and prepare for him, he set the record straight.

“I warmed up the same way, I stretched out before the game the same way, and I went out there and just played,” Cruz said. “It didn’t feel any different to me, it just felt like I was out there with my teammates playing football again.”

There was, Cruz later admitted, one little bit of a change.

“This time I was just relaxed, I didn’t feel any pressure, I didn’t feel like I had to go prove something,” Cruz said. “I just felt like I could go out there and play my game.”

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