Dwayne Wright gets noticed

But not the way one wants to. More on him in a bit.

First, the injuries for tonight's full-contact, full-pad practice. Justin Tuck and the three PUP/NFI guys were the only ones who did not fully dress. Rich Seubert did, but he only participated in individual drills and avoided the team drills. Osi Umenyiora was able to hit someone for the first time in 11 months. Must have felt good.

Now Dwayne Wright. He's a running back the Giants are using as a fullback. In one of the running drills he got screamed at by Tom Coughlin. I didn't catch all of the words, but it sounded like he gave up a little early on holding his block.

As if that's not bad enough, later, in 11-on-11 plays, he got smoked by Clint Sintim as he came through the hole trying to clear a path for Andre Brown. It was the crash of the night. Words must have passed between the two because there was a brief shove-fest after the play. Nothing serious. Still, it wasn't a good time to be Dwayne Wright.

Luckily for him, Adam Koets took some of the heat off of him. Koets, who is working as the backup center and essentially learning the position, botched three consecutive snaps to David Carr. First he gave him a ground ball out of a shotgun formation. Then, with Carr under center, the exchange did not connect. Then he short-hopped one from the shotgun again. The next play Kevin Boothe was playing center. Koets, though, was back at the position when the second unit went to the 2:00 drill. He even connected with Carr on a shotgun snap.

Boothe, by the way, is not blameless in the botched snap area. He was the center when Rhett Bomar put one on the ground in a running drill. "Get the G.D. ball!" Coughlin screamed. It's pretty clear just from watching him and listening to him that he's losing his patience with the offense.

A few other notes from practice:

Kevin Boss made the catch of the night, a one-handed grab near the sideline with Michael Johnson in coverage in a 1-on-1 drill ... Barry Cofield participated in the practice and despite it being full contact and him coming off knee surgery. He didn't even wear a brace on his knee ... The team worked on punt coverage with Jeff Feagles booming them to the return men. Mario Manningham and Ahmad Bradshaw each put one on the ground ... Eli Manning's first pass of the 11-on-11s was a duck to Steve Smith that was about 8 yards short of the target and was picked easily by Michael Johnson. It gave many fans a flashback to the Eagles playoff game ... Travis Beckum made a nice catch and held onto the ball after he was popped by Sha'reff Rashad ... David Tyree almost made a miracle catch deep down the right sideline when he tipped the pass from Andre Woodson once and then twice before having it fall to the ground on a flea-flicker. Good job by the defense to recognize the play; there were three defenders in the area of the pass. Phil Simms always says that it's the underneath guy who is open on those flea-flickers because the linebackers and corners, not the safeties, get drawn in ... Lawrence Tynes was 6-for-8 on field goal attempts, making him 14-for-16 during this camp. There was a bit of a glare so the exact distances were hard to tell, but it looked as if he connected from 20, 28, 32, 36, 36 and 40 yards. He was wide right from 39 and 41.

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