Extending Eli Manning and Antrel Rolle could alleviate cap space, but John Mara is hesitant

Eli Manning looks to pass the ball against

Eli Manning looks to pass the ball against the Washington Redskins at MetLife Stadium. (Dec. 29, 2013) (Credit: Mike Stobe)

The Giants aren’t only going to be dealing with 24 unrestricted free agents this offseason. They could also be dealing with two of their highest-paid players who are already under contract for 2014.

Antrel Rolle and Eli Manning are scheduled to earn a combined $22.15 million in base salary in 2014 and count for a combined $29.65 million against the salary cap. If the cap remains the same as 2013, that would mean those two players would take up around 24 percent of the space.

One way to alleviate that pressure is to extend them and spread their bonuses over the course of the remainder of the contract.

Rolle said he would be open to that. He said he sees himself playing four more years at “an elite level” and that his “ultimate goal” is to retire as a Giant. With him coming off his best season as a Giant, it might be worth extending him.

Manning, on the other hand, is coming off his worst season as a Giant. Or at least his worst season since his rookie year.

Last year John Mara said it wasn’t the right time to extend Manning, who is signed through 2015. He said he’d rather not do it this year, either, but left the door open to the possibility.

“I don’t think we need to do it,” Mara said. “It’s certainly something we’re going to talk about, though. It depends on how aggressive we want to be in free agency and you know we’ve never been. There have been certain years where we have been, but as a long-term solution it is not a good idea being too aggressive in free agency. We’re going to talk about that though. That’s obviously one of the major decisions we have to make this year.”

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