Giants announce dates for the wearin' of the white pants

9. PHIL SIMMS, Quarterback, 1979-93A controversial first-round pick

9. PHIL SIMMS, Quarterback, 1979-93
A controversial first-round pick out of Morehead State in 1979, Simms used a mix of arm strength and toughness to carve out his place in Giants history. He may not have Hall of Fame stats, but he helped solidify the QB position at a time when the Giants emerged as champions. His epic 22-of-25 performance in Super Bowl XXI earned him the game's MVP honors. Simms finished with 33,462 passing yards and 199 TDs, and was inducted into the Giants' Ring of Honor in August 2010. 
 (Credit: Newsday / David L. Pokress)

The Giants are going to dress like it’s 1999. Or they will at least twice this year.

The team will wear traditional white pants for the first time since 1999 in two home games this season: Nov. 10 against the Raiders and Nov. 24 against the Cowboys. The team showcased the new duds earlier this year but have only now announced the dates on which they will suit up in their alternate look instead of the gray pants they normally wear.

The white pants will have a red stripe bordered by gray and blue. The last time they wore white pants was also the last year they had the word “Giants” on their helmets.

You can click here to see a picture of the new/old white pants on the Giants' website.

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