Giants have spotty recent history in 2nd and 3rd rounds

Giants wide receiver Sinorice Moss watches teammates during

Giants wide receiver Sinorice Moss watches teammates during training camp in Albany, N.Y. (Aug. 9, 2010) (Credit: AP)

The Giants have had a pretty good run with their first-round picks in recent years. Not all of the players they have taken have become All-Pros and future Hall of Famers, but there hasn’t been a real stinker in a while. You have to go back to 2003 and William Joseph to find someone we could truly consider a bust.

The second and third rounds though? Not so much. And since those are the rounds being selected tonight, I thought we could take a look at the past 10 draft classes – going back to the one headlined by William Joseph – and if the Giants have had more hits than misses. I’ll grade the picks on a pass/fail basis (not only based on their Giants career but the entirety of their NFL experience) and tally them up at the end. Basically a player just needed to give some decent production to pass. I give some players an incomplete due to injuries, but will count those as fails in the final count. Here we go.

2nd Round: Osi Umenyiora – pass
3rd Round: Visanthe Shianco – pass

2nd Round: Chris Snee – pass
3rd Round: Reggie Torbor – pass

2nd Round: Corey Webster – pass
3rd Round: Justin Tuck – pass

2nd Round: Sinorice Moss – fail
3rd Round: Gerris Wilkinson – fail

2nd Round: Steve Smith – pass
3rd Round: Jay Alford – inc.

2nd Round: Terrell Thomas – pass
3rd Round: Mario Manningham – pass

2nd Round: Clint Sintim – fail
2nd Round: Will Beatty – pass
3rd Round: Ramses Barden – fail
3rd Round: Travis Beckum – fail

2nd Round: Linval Joseph – pass
3rd Round: Chad Jones – inc.

2nd Round: Marvin Austin – fail (so far)
3rd Round: Jerrel Jernigan – fail (so far)

2nd Round: Rueben Randle – too early
3rd Round: Jayron Hosley – too early

Results: 11 passing grades, 9 fails, 2 too earlies.

As you can see, success or failure in the second and third rounds seems to happen in bunches. There are stellar groups like the ones that included Corey Webster and Justin Tuck, and then there are groups that never panned out like the Austin-Jernigan group or the Moss-Wilkinson pairing.

So who will we be looking at in the second and third rounds this year?

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