Giants more focused on their own issues than the Jets this week

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, right,

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, right, shakes hands with New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin after an NFL football game. (Dec. 24, 2011) (Credit: AP)

It's Jets Week!

Although it's hard to tell. Not much in the way of animosity between these two teams lately, at least not since things were pretty much settled back on Christmas Eve two years ago.

But the annual preseason meeting between the two teams from New York -- co-hosts of Super Bowl XLVIII, it should be noted -- does bring about a sense of urgency. It is, afterall, Week 3 of the preseason and that's usually the most important preseason game of the year (which is a little like saying Anthony is the most important of The Wiggles ... who cares?).

"It’s an important game from our standpoint because we need improvement," Tom Coughlin said. "The Jets are a physical football team. It will be a very good test for us and we need to look at this with the idea of improvement and the continual analysis of personnel and trying to attack some of the areas that we haven’t been good. We haven’t scored any points, we haven’t scored touchdowns. We’re still lacking in the turnover area, which as I mentioned, I thought we had opportunities the other day. There are some things that we are definitely trying to accomplish: putting pressure on the opponent’s quarterback, continuing to stop the run, having a good mix between the run and the pass, and having consistency. Third down wasn’t very good (Sunday) night at all. We need improvement in that area. We’ve got a lot of things to improve on."

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