Giants' Smith faces long rehab after surgery

New York Giants wide receiver Steve Smith celebrates

New York Giants wide receiver Steve Smith celebrates his first-half touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys. (Oct. 25, 2010) (Credit: AP )

Steve Smith, who officially went on injured reserve today, will undergo surgery Tuesday to repair the articular cartilage injury to his left knee. Team physician Russell Warren will perform the surgery at the Hostpital for Special Surgery.

The procedure is complex and will require mosaicplasty as well as some microfracture, according to a person familiar with Smith's injury. The rehab is a very lengthy process -- Smith is expected to be on crutches for six weeks and then begin rehab.

About the only good news is that the injured area is the posterior lateral femoral condyle, which is a non-weight bearing area of the knee.

Ok, now you can all Google the terms "mosaicplasty," "posterior lateral femoral condyle," and "Derek Hagan."

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