Last Manning standing? Peyton misses practice while Eli keeps going

2004 RECORD: 6-10 The Giants were 5-2 on

RECORD: 6-10
The Giants were 5-2 on Oct. 21 and 5-4 on Nov. 14 with Kurt Warner at the helm and a shot at the playoffs. Then a rookie named Eli Manning took over at quarterback and the Giants finished 1-6. Manning had a 48.2 completion percentage, six touchdowns and nine interceptions. | (Credit: AP)

Peyton Manning is doing something today that Eli Manning hardly ever does. He’s missing practice with an injury.

Big Brother apparently tweaked his ankle and is taking a day off from the workouts today, and he’s expected to be back in the Broncos’ saddle by tomorrow and in time for Sunday’s game. But it’s still enough to send ripples.

So how has Eli been able to avoid injury? Look around the league and not only are players dropping at an astounding rate, quarterbacks are crumbling. The Giants play the Eagles on Sunday and may be facing a quarterback who had to miss games because of an injury suffered three weeks ago and is returning because the guy who replaced him is injured.

Well, Eli was asked about his ability to stay clean when he appeared on WFAN on Tuesday evening.

“Every day there are guys getting injured at quarterback and all positions,” Eli said. “It is a physical game and some of it is trying to stay healthy and do your workouts and stay smart and know how to stay healthy. And some of it is luck. Hopefully you don’t take an awkward hit. When you’re getting pressured, know your protections and you’re not taking unwanted hits. You’ve got some big boys coming after you. It’s a little bit of preparation but there is definitely a luck aspect to it too.”

Manning said he works out not to get bigger or stronger but to get more flexible.

“So if you get bent in a little awkward position,” he said, “you’re flexible enough that it won’t lead to an injury.”

Manning hasn't missed a Giants practice since he sat out during the playoff run in January 2012 with a stomach bug. The last time he missed time on the field due to an injury was in 2009 when he hurt his foot in Kansas City. He didn't miss any games because of it, though.

Manning has started 142 straight regular-season games (153 including the post-season) for the Giants. That’s the longest active streak among NFL quarterbacks. He needs 66 more – a little more than four full seasons – to match Peyton’s streak of 208 which ended in 2011 when he missed a season with his neck injury. He’d have to play almost another 10 seasons to match Brett Favre’s record of 297. In fact, he’s not even halfway there.

This November 21st will be the ninth anniversary of Eli Manning’s first NFL start.

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