No new facemask for Canty when he returns

Chris Canty celebrates a tackle late in the

Chris Canty celebrates a tackle late in the game against the Dallas Cowboys at MetLife Stadium. (Jan. 1, 2012) (Credit: Jim McIsaac)

Chris Canty said he was going to have a new facemask this season, a design he called “Maximus.” But when he returns to the field – presumably next week when he can come off PUP and is allowed to practice for the first time – he won’t be wearing it. He’ll be wearing the same type of grid he wore last year and for most of his NFL career.

“This is it,” Canty said in the locker room yesterday, holding up the helmet that has been collecting dust while he’s been inactive. “We dabbled with some things but nothing is as good as the original.”

Justin Tuck tweaked his facemask this season, adding some diagonal bars and making it look a little like a big sewer grate or perhaps inspiring hunger for some waffle fries. Canty, whose design was copied by Tuck last season, said he would up the stakes this season with a newer, sleeker look. Instead, he decided to stick with the one that he has worn since he came into the league and needed to find a way to protect his eye from being poked. He nearly lost his eye in an incident in college and doctors told him that if he was poked there his career would be over.

“This was born out of pain, so it’s a little bit of a reminder for me,” Canty said quietly as he returned the helmet to its hook in his locker. “I’ll stay with it.”

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