Not just fighting at practice

Of course there were some football notes to pass along.

Starting with the injuries: O'Hara (triceps), Seubert (shoulder), Canty (hamstring), Tyree (groin), Umeyiora (knee) and Nicks (hamstring) were all sidelined. This was the first day Osi has missed both practices. Barry Cofield played tonight after resting this morning.

Bryan Kehl, who was in the middle of the action for most of practice, was starting at weakside linebacker. Why is that significant? Because he and Gerris Wilkinson had been rotating at the position but Kehl has been there the last three straight.

Steve Smith made two nice grabs, each of them wrestling the ball away from USC teammate Terrell Thomas. Smith also smoked DeAndre Wright on a go route down the right sideline but Andre Woodson overthrew him ... Ramses Barden made a fantastic one-handed catch in the end zone, sticking up his right hand and spinning around while coming down in bounds over Stoney Woodson ... Mario Manningham dropped two balls that I saw tonight, one in a drill with no defense and the other on a deep route down the right sideline where a throw from Woodson went right through his hands ... Two more interceptions tonight: Sha'reff Rashad picked off David Carr on a pass that was too far in front of Darcy Johnson in 7-on-7s and then Corey Webster came down with a pass from Eli Manning intended for Manningham in 11-on-11s. That makes 18 interceptions in 9 practices ... Lawrence Tynes was 6-for-6 on FG attempts, hitting from 20, 28, 33, 36, 39 and 41 yards. He's 20-for-22 so far in camp ... Two more botched snaps. Adam Koets gave Woodson a ground ball in the shotgun in 11-on-11s and Tutan Reyes and David Carr couldn't connect on a traditional snap. That one was odd; you rarely see a quarterback under center and have the ball sail over his head. Yikes.

Back in a few with the chart of the 11-on-11s. 

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