Perrilloux rates highly for Giants

Giants quarterbacks Ryan Perrilloux, left, and Eli Manning

Giants quarterbacks Ryan Perrilloux, left, and Eli Manning run on the field during a physical evaluation drill on the opening day of training camp in Albany. (July 26, 2012) (Credit: AP)

Who’s the best quarterback in New York?

That’s an argument we’ll likely hear quite a bit of this season. But statistically speaking, at this moment, it’s Ryan Perrilloux. Of the six New York quarterbacks who saw action in their first preseason games last night, Perrilloux has the highest passer rating. A look at where the six stand in that stat:

Ryan Perrilloux 141.4
David Carr 111.7
Greg McElroy 91.7
Eli Manning 75.0
Mark Sanchez 72.2
Tim Tebow 18.2


Perrillloux gets the high rating because he completed 6 of 7 passes for 59 yards and a touchdown without an interception. But he was also sacked three times and forced to scramble another two times.

“Obviously we didn’t block anybody with our groups late in the game and they put incredible pressure on the quarterback,” Tom Coughlin said. “He didn’t really have much time to do anything.”

Except take the early lead in the Best Quarterback in New York race!

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