Terrell Thomas: 'I am returning to football in 2013'

TERRELL THOMAS Cornerback Thomas has not played in

Thomas has not played in the past two seasons after tearing his right ACL for the third time. He has three years left on his contract. 
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His team and his position remain unclear, but Terrell Thomas says that he plans to play football in 2013.

The Giants cornerback who suffered a third torn ACL that required surgery last summer wrote on his blog this morning that he intended to return to the NFL.

“I am returning to football in 2013,” he wrote, “hopefully with the Giants, but my contract is up this year but most likely, hopefully I will be resigning with them.”

Thomas signed a four-year contract last offseason that could have been worth $28 million, but included an easy out for the Giants if Thomas was not able to return to form from his second ACL surgery. There is a $6 million option for the Giants in March that they are not expected to exercise … and it sounds like Thomas is not expecting them to, either, judging by his remark that his contract is up.

If Thomas does return to the Giants under a new deal, it could be at a new position. While he was a starting cornerback before his injuries, general manager Jerry Reese said earlier this month that Thomas’ future after the three knee surgeries could be at safety.

“Terrell obviously has the multiple knee surgeries so he will have to tread lightly on that and see where he is physically,” Reese said on WFAN. “Right now, he is still rehabbing. We will definitely reach out to him and see where he is and see if he is going to be able to try to make another comeback.”

Thomas made it clear today that he will try for that comeback.

“I have been training and preparing,” Thomas wrote. “I have moved to Pensacola for the next month to train and rehab … The biggest challenge is going to be 200 pushups and 300 abs a night for 30days if you guys are with me, let’s do it.”

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