Tom Coughlin says Bill Parcells' message was a lesson for life, not just football

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin addressed Hakeem Nicks'

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin addressed Hakeem Nicks' injury and his plan for attending Bill Parcells' Hall of Fame induction this weekend. Videojournalist: Chuck Fadely (8/1/13)

Tom Coughlin's press conference answers are usually very short. Yes. No. We'll see.

Today, though, he spoke about something that is meaningful to him. So he elaborated.

It was a simple question, really. "How was last night at the Hall of Fame?"

Here's the 410-word, two minute and 45 second answer:

"It was a very, very good experience from the standpoint that, you know when you listen to the honorees, those who have been inducted, their discussions are very much in recognition not only of their own ability, but all those who have contributed to their being in that spot. When you talk about that, you’re talking about someone who becomes more and more humble as he talks about this wonderful honor. That, to me, was huge because our game is the greatest game of all, but it takes eleven, okay. No one person, no one person does it all by himself. The more you understand that, the more you have the opportunity to understand when it comes time, when this tremendous honor comes to these players and coaches etc. who are inducted, they take the time to thank those along the way and in so doing they really do grasp the idea that you can’t possibly do it alone, you have to be able to- there are others that contribute along the way, you listen to the players and they talk about their coaches. They talk about people who have mentored them. You know, Larry Allen talked about being mentored by different offensive linemen. And you also understand the emotion, the tremendous emotion. When you listen to Cris Carter, or to Warren Sapp, towards the end of the evening there, they were really emotional. They were very much, very emotional about being able to be there and to receive this incredible honor, so I thought that was great.

"And then I thought with Bill Parcells’ talk, which was an outstanding talk, but what he did at the end when he talked about the locker room, that was a huge message there. Not only for athletics. For life, for the world that we live in. You know, you have all different kinds of guys from all different backgrounds, all different races and creeds, and they come together and the one thing that works is if everybody’s there for the same purpose, for the common good. I thought that was a very, very good statement. He went further when he talked about the dark side. You know when you had the pockets of people in that situation in the locker room that won’t let things progress because they’re constantly pointing the blame at somebody else rather than right back where it should be, so I thought it was a good experience."

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