Tuck likes the 5-man front

Remember a few nights ago the Giants defense unveiled that five-man front. We're still thinking of names for it (although apparently the people of Fort Dodge, Iowa -- area code 515 -- are all huge Giants fans now!) but one thing we know for sure: Justin Tuck likes it.

Refresher course: The lineup had Tuck and Osi lined up next to each other on the right side, Kiwanuka at the other end, and Cofield and Alford in the middle.

"You're going to see a lot of that from us," Tuck said. "Luckily for me this defense and this coaching staff is giving me a lot of opportunity to move around a lot. It presents matchup problems. Think about it, you have an offensive guard and an offensive tackle and you have to face me and Osi on one side where we can do all sorts of games or we can just straight-rush you too. It really allows us to have the upper edge as far as offenses not knowing what we’re doing. They can't really get a bead on what we’re doing."

So what does Tuck think an offensive lineman will be thinking if he sees himself and Osi lined up next to each other?

"I don’t know, but I know what goes through my mind," he said. "That the offensive lineman is in trouble."

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