Tuck: Skins offense will last only as long as RG3 does

Long before Robert Griffin III was winning football

Long before Robert Griffin III was winning football games in Washington . . .
(Credit: AP)

The Redskins’ offense is dynamic, confusing and (or late) productive. But how long can it last in the NFL?

As long as Robert Griffin III is around, Justin Tuck said. But no one knows how long that will be.

“I think in this offense, it is all predicated on the quarterback,” Justin Tuck said on Thursday. “If RG3 stays healthy, I think this offense is going to continue to roll. But the thing about it is, who wants their franchise quarterback getting hit every play? Every game like that? I think that is what it is going to come down to.”

Griffin has already suffered a concussion this season. And the Redskins do have a backup quarterback they seem pleased with, fellow rookie Kirk Cousins. But KC is no RG.

“If they had a second RG3 to back him up, which there is none, then you can say that the shelf life of this offense is a little bit longer,” Tuck said. “If he pulls a hamstring or has an ankle injury for a couple of weeks, where do you go then?”

Back to the drawing board, most likely.

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