Yeah, about that Hakeem Nicks 'one-year deal' report ...

Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks acknowledges fans during

Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks acknowledges fans during training camp on July 28, 2013. (Credit: AP)

Remember yesterday when there were reports that Hakeem Nicks would be willing to play on a one-year “prove it” deal? Scratch that. And the idea that he would be open to a return to the Giants? Scratch that one too.

Oddly enough, the original report and the refutations both come to us via ESPN.

The latest is from today, when Nicks apparently spoke directly with Josina Anderson about where he’d like to wind up after free agency … and for how long. He spoke longingly about catching passes from Andrew Luck in Indianapolis (noting that he would be “dangerous” in that situation), Cam Newton in Carolina and Philip Rivers in San Diego without mentioning Eli Manning in New York.

“I want to go to a team where I'm the missing link,” he said. Giants fans, of course, know all about Nicks being missing. He did not catch a touchdown in 2013 and did not play in the most important game of the season against the Cowboys.

And then, after making it clear what he wanted in terms of football, he spoke about what he wants in his contract.

“I just want to make it clear that I want a long-term deal and I want to be happy,” he said. “I'm excited about talking to teams and making it work.”

That seems to be in direct contrast with yesterday’s ESPN report which did not have direct quotes but relied on sources telling Chris Mortensen that Nicks would be open to a one-year deal after two sub-par seasons and that he would be receptive to returning to the Giants.

Clearly, Nicks may be “receptive” to those things, but only if they become absolutely necessary. In the meantime, he’ll spend the next day and a half daydreaming about catching touchdown passes from Andrew Luck throughout his multi-year contract with the Colts.

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