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League will not punish Giants over 'fake' injuries

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones reacts to fans

(Credit: AP)

While accusing the Giants of faking injuries in the second quarter of Sunday night’s game in an effort to slow down the Cowboys’ no-huddle offense, Jerry Jones said it was “so obvious it was funny.”

Today, the NFL found it to be neither obvious nor funny.

Spokesman Greg Aiello said that the league saw “no basis at this time for taking action” against the Giants. Aiello also confirmed...

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Adewale Ojomo: 'I'm much closer to the field this year'

Tim Tebow gets sacked by Giants defensive end

(Credit: AP)

Adewale Ojomo said he knew he would be back on the active roster soon. But not because he had any inside knowledge about how the Giants would be fiddling with their 53.

“They didn’t tell me,” he said of the team’s plans. “I just had faith. That’s it.”

Ojomo, a fan favorite and the king of summertime sacks for the Giants who has posted 6.5 of them in the last two preseasons, was waived...

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Tony Romo probably wouldn't like Jerry Reese's countdown to Super Bowl 48

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo celebrates his touchdown

(Credit: AP)

Hosting a Super Bowl brings with it a certain amount of pressure. The Giants are carrying that weight this year. Two years ago it was carried by the Cowboys. So how did Tony Romo handle that?

“It’s whatever you make it to be,” he said of the 2010 season that ended with the Packers beating the Steelers in his home office.

In Romo’s case, he tried to make it as little as possible.


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Antrel Rolle says no more 'miraculous' games for Jason Witten

Jason Witten of the Dallas Cowboys carries the

(Credit: Getty)

Jason Witten set an NFL record for tight ends when he caught 18 passes for a career-best 167 yards against the Giants the last time the two teams met. Antrel Rolle says that won’t happen again.

“He's done that one time since I've been here, had that miraculous game," Rolle said. "That's not gonna happen again. I can assure that. He will not have 17, 18 catches a game. That's not...

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Hakeem Nicks happy with route he took to the opener

Hakeem Nicks cools off during training camp. (July

(Credit: James Escher)

Hakeem Nicks caught a lot of flack from fans for skipping the voluntary OTAs in the spring, nursing groin tightness early in training camp and skipping the first preseason game. But it was all part of his plan to get here as healthy as possible. And as far as he’s concerned, the plan worked.

“I definitely feel like I’m as good as I can be at this point,” Nicks said. “I definitely benefited...

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All or nothing: JPP won't play in an abbreviated role against Cowboys

Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul uses a towel

(Credit: James Escher)

Jason Pierre-Paul isn’t coming back as a part-time player.

The defensive end who was limited in today’s practice said that he will only participate in Sunday’s game against the Cowboys if he’s able to play most of the game. So if the Giants say they want to limit him to, say, 20 snaps, or if he feels that’s all he’d be able to give to the team, he’ll just wait until Week 2.

“That’s not...

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Justin Pugh expects to be nervous leading up to debut

Justin Pugh, right, looks to block linebacker Keith

(Credit: James Escher)

Justin Pugh anticipates some nausea on Sunday night.

“Before the game and until I get out there and get that first hit in I’ll probably be a little nervous,” the rookie right tackle said of the run-up to his first NFL regular-season game. “I always have been that way. I think that’s how offensive linemen naturally are, you get a little nervous and you feel it in your stomach, you feel like...

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'Full speed ahead' for Cruz and JPP; Brown officially moved to short-term IR

Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul intercepts a pass

(Credit: AP)

Tom Coughlin gave the most optimistic three words yet on the status of Victor Cruz and Jason Pierre-Paul on Wednesday: “Full speed ahead.”

And yes, the two of them were practicing with the Giants on Wednesday in the first gameplan-specific workout of the season. Coughlin admitted that they might wind up being limited on the official injury report that comes out later, but he seemed convinced...

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Giants announce dates for the wearin' of the white pants

9. PHIL SIMMS, Quarterback, 1979-93A controversial first-round pick

(Credit: Newsday / David L. Pokress)

The Giants are going to dress like it’s 1999. Or they will at least twice this year.

The team will wear traditional white pants for the first time since 1999 in two home games this season: Nov. 10 against the Raiders and Nov. 24 against the Cowboys. The team showcased the new duds earlier this year but have only now announced the dates on which they will suit up in their alternate look instead...

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