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Here comes McBride! (and Beason and Hill and James ...)

Giants defensive back Trumaine McBride (38) intercepts a

(Credit: AP)

Here comes McBride!

Yes, Trumaine McBride is one of the Giants’ starting cornerbacks today, playing in place of Corey Webster, who was ruled out after being listed as doubtful for the game. It’s not much of a surprise, but it is jarring to actually write the words.

Trumaine. McBride. Starting.

Anyway, the Giants’ inactive list is less newsworthy than the active list, which includes...

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For Cullen Jenkins, losing streak goes deeper than just these past four games

Giants defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins stretches after a

(Credit: James Escher)

There are some Giants who think losing four straight games is tough. And then there is Cullen Jenkins.

Going back to last year when he was with the Eagles, Jenkins is 1-15 in his last 16 games. That lone win came against the Bucs last December. So what can the veteran defensive tackle tell us about how to handle losing?

“You have to make sure it’s not the mindset,” he said. “You don’t...

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Cullen Jenkins to Jerry Jones: Get son-in-law to clean those glasses!

Cullen Jenkins sacks Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo

(Credit: AP)

Jerry Jones accused the Giants -- and without naming him directly, Cullen Jenkins -- of faking injuries in Sunday’s game against the Cowboys. Today, Jenkins fired back.

“I don’t know what he saw if he thinks I was faking,” Jenkins said. “Maybe he can get his son-in-law to clean his glasses a little better next time so he can see what’s going on out there.”

And Jenkins wasn’t through....

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League will not punish Giants over 'fake' injuries

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones reacts to fans

(Credit: AP)

While accusing the Giants of faking injuries in the second quarter of Sunday night’s game in an effort to slow down the Cowboys’ no-huddle offense, Jerry Jones said it was “so obvious it was funny.”

Today, the NFL found it to be neither obvious nor funny.

Spokesman Greg Aiello said that the league saw “no basis at this time for taking action” against the Giants. Aiello also confirmed...

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