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With the season a quarter over, the projected stats are not pretty

Giants quarterback Eli Manning stands on the sideline

(Credit: AP)

Let’s extrapolate, shall we?

The season is a quarter over, a decent sample size, so now is a good time to project how the rest of the season may play out for the Giants from a statistical point of view. Of course, not many of the numbers will be pretty. But hey, it’s the NFL.

So, here’s a chart that shows some key stats from games one through four and what they should be after 16 games....

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Kevin Gilbride says young running backs mostly at fault on screen interceptions

Eli Manning (10) leaves the field after throwing

(Credit: AP)

Kevin Gilbride said the two interceptions on screen passes Sunday against the Cowboys were “two completely different” plays. They did have one common component, though: an inexperienced running back who made a bad adjustment.

“One was a play action screen,” the offensive coordinator said today, “and you hope that the defensive end (DeMarcus Ware) goes one way, while he ended up coming underneath....

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David Wilson on his tweet: '140 characters, you can make a lot of mistakes'

Giants running back David Wilson (22) rushes during

(Credit: AP )

David Wilson wasn’t quite aware of what folks were saying about him on Twitter and through other social media outlets after he fumbled twice in the opener in Dallas. But then …

“I started using my other phone and the notifications came in at the top,” he said.

They weren’t good. Questions about his dedication, his ability, accusations from people who had lost fantasy football games because...

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Coughlin on Jacobs: 'We need him to get ready to play'

Brandon Jacobs screams as he warms up prior

(Credit: Getty Images)

The last guy to wear the number 34 jersey here was Laron Scott, a 5-9, 184 pound cornerback who was with the Giants in training camp. Today, a 6-4, 265 pounder was wearing it.

Brandon Jacobs participated in his first practice with the Giants since the week leading up to Super Bowl XLVI, and his first since re-signing with the team on Tuesday. The running back was wearing a different number...

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David Wilson responds to angry fans and fantasy owners on Twitter

The Dallas Cowboys celebrate a fumble by Giants

(Credit: AP)

Apparently young Mr. Wilson has been getting an earful – or an eyeful or an inbox-ful or something – from the outside world over his two-fumble performance against the Cowboys.

So he returned serve on Twitter today:

Ayy to fantasy participants and pissed Giants fans ur irrelevant to me!!! Nobody wants me to succeed more than ME!!! WATCH US WORK! — David E. Wilson (@4stillRunning) September...

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