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Kevin Gilbride says young running backs mostly at fault on screen interceptions

Eli Manning (10) leaves the field after throwing

(Credit: AP)

Kevin Gilbride said the two interceptions on screen passes Sunday against the Cowboys were “two completely different” plays. They did have one common component, though: an inexperienced running back who made a bad adjustment.

“One was a play action screen,” the offensive coordinator said today, “and you hope that the defensive end (DeMarcus Ware) goes one way, while he ended up coming underneath....

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Justin Pugh expects to be nervous leading up to debut

Justin Pugh, right, looks to block linebacker Keith

(Credit: James Escher)

Justin Pugh anticipates some nausea on Sunday night.

“Before the game and until I get out there and get that first hit in I’ll probably be a little nervous,” the rookie right tackle said of the run-up to his first NFL regular-season game. “I always have been that way. I think that’s how offensive linemen naturally are, you get a little nervous and you feel it in your stomach, you feel like...

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Who gets the deflated game ball as the Giants' least valuable player after their loss to the Cardinals?

Eli Manning Victor Cruz Rashad Jennings Quinton Demps Zack Bowman Someone else

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