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Antrel Rolle stands behind JPP's prediction: "There will be blood"

2007 - Daniel Day Lewis - "There Will

(Credit: AP)

Antrel Rolle has been the outspoken voice of the Giants defense for the last several years, but there is at least one player on the unit whose words – though rare – even he must adhere to.

“If JPP says there will be blood,” Rolle said, “then there will be blood.”

He was responding to Jason Pierre-Paul’s comments about the upcoming game against the Cowboys. After Sunday’s win over the...

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Some Giants miffed by move from prime time

Giants linebacker Jon Beason calls a play against

(Credit: AP)

Some Giants are feeling a little insulted that NBC has deemed them not ready for prime time players. For the first time since flex scheduling came into the league in 2006, the Giants were bumped from the Sunday night spotlight. And it was a decision made before Aaron Rodgers’ injury, so they can’t even blame it on the nation’s lack of an appetite for Scott Tolzien.

“Anytime you get flexed...

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JPP sidelined in practice by sore shoulder

Jason Pierre-Paul (90) celebrates a sack during the

(Credit: AP)

Everyone raved about Jason Pierre-Paul’s practices last week and it looked as if the defensive end was finally turning a corner in his return from offseason back surgery. But just when he was starting to make strides in the game on Sunday, bringing Terrelle Pryor down for a sack and causing havoc on the line of scrimmage, Pierre-Paul injured his shoulder.

He returned to the game and wound...

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Jason Pierre-Paul: 'I might be Iron Man'

Jason Pierre-Paul (90) celebrates a sack during the

(Credit: AP)

Just a few weeks ago Jason Pierre-Paul said he might not get back to full health until next season. Today?

“I feel great,” he said Wednesday. “I feel good. I went out there and had a great practice. I’m starting to get that confidence back. I feel good. It’s been eight games and I say I feel like 90 percent now. For those eight games, I’ve been playing like, ‘How’s my back going to take this?’...

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JPP suggests this Giants roster is not as good as it was in 2011

Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul (90) warms up

(Credit: AP)

Jason Pierre-Paul has admitted that he has not been playing up to the 2011 standard he set for himself. But he also pointed out that neither is anyone on the team, really, and in fact this year’s roster might not be as good as that Super Bowl team.

“We had a number of studs on that team and we was able to get the job done,” Pierre-Paul said. “Here, this team, we’ve still got some similarities,...

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Giants remain undefeated between Monday and Saturday

East Rutherford - May 30, 2012: Giants QB,

(Credit: Photo by Patrick E. McCarthy)

The Giants had a good practice today.

Big deal. Congratulations. The Giants are still undefeated from Monday through Saturday.

As we’ve seen in the past few weeks, their good practices aren’t translating to the games on Sunday. And no one seems to understand why.

“We’re just not getting anything done on gameday,” Prince Amukamara said. “There’s really no secret recipe. It seems...

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Have you given up? Giants say you're not a 'real' fan if you have

New York Giants fans celebrate after the Giants

(Credit: Getty Images)

The Giants’ bandwagon may be emptying these days, but the players don’t have much need for those who are bailing.

“They ain’t real fans,” Jason Pierre-Paul said. “If they gave up, they ain’t real Giants’ fans. At the end of the day, we’ll never give up on ourselves.”

Justin Tuck also addressed those who have thrown in the towel.

“Don’t be a fair-weather fan,” he said. “It’s about...

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JPP will play in opener vs. Cowboys

Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul intercepts a pass

(Credit: AP)

Jason Pierre-Paul has gone from back problems to just plain old back.

The defensive end who is the Giants’ most dynamic playmaker on the defensive front will play against the Cowboys in Sunday night’s opener at AT&T Stadium. Pierre-Paul underwent back surgery this spring and was always projected to be ready for the opener, but he was coy this week even as he participated in team practices....

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Adewale Ojomo: 'I'm much closer to the field this year'

Tim Tebow gets sacked by Giants defensive end

(Credit: AP)

Adewale Ojomo said he knew he would be back on the active roster soon. But not because he had any inside knowledge about how the Giants would be fiddling with their 53.

“They didn’t tell me,” he said of the team’s plans. “I just had faith. That’s it.”

Ojomo, a fan favorite and the king of summertime sacks for the Giants who has posted 6.5 of them in the last two preseasons, was waived...

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All or nothing: JPP won't play in an abbreviated role against Cowboys

Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul uses a towel

(Credit: James Escher)

Jason Pierre-Paul isn’t coming back as a part-time player.

The defensive end who was limited in today’s practice said that he will only participate in Sunday’s game against the Cowboys if he’s able to play most of the game. So if the Giants say they want to limit him to, say, 20 snaps, or if he feels that’s all he’d be able to give to the team, he’ll just wait until Week 2.

“That’s not...

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