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Kiwi: 'All of our goals are still in front of us'

Jason Pierre-Paul #90 and Spencer Paysinger #51 congratulate

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Mathias Kiwanuka may not be the fiery communicator that Antrel Rolle is. The Giants safety tend to SPEAK IN ALL CAPS quite a bit, especially when he gets going in his weekly WFAN radio segment like he did today. But Kiwanuka had some positive things to say on his weekly spot over on ESPN Radio in New York.

Among them was his declaration that the season is not over.

“All of our goals...

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Was Chase Blackburn's insight the difference on Sunday?

Chase Blackburn reacts after sacking Green Bay Packers

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There is speculation that linebacker Chase Blackburn was an integral part of the Panthers’ 38-0 win over his former team by providing detailed notes and tips on facing the Giants. Mathias Kiwanuka gave that theory some credence, but ultimately said it was not Blackburn who beat the Giants.

“That definitely contributed,” Kiwanuka said on ESPN Radio in New York. “I have to give Chase a lot of...

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Who gets the deflated game ball as the Giants' least valuable player after their loss to the Cardinals?

Eli Manning Victor Cruz Rashad Jennings Quinton Demps Zack Bowman Someone else

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