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Cullen Jenkins to Jerry Jones: Get son-in-law to clean those glasses!

Cullen Jenkins sacks Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo

(Credit: AP)

Jerry Jones accused the Giants -- and without naming him directly, Cullen Jenkins -- of faking injuries in Sunday’s game against the Cowboys. Today, Jenkins fired back.

“I don’t know what he saw if he thinks I was faking,” Jenkins said. “Maybe he can get his son-in-law to clean his glasses a little better next time so he can see what’s going on out there.”

And Jenkins wasn’t through....

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Tony Romo probably wouldn't like Jerry Reese's countdown to Super Bowl 48

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo celebrates his touchdown

(Credit: AP)

Hosting a Super Bowl brings with it a certain amount of pressure. The Giants are carrying that weight this year. Two years ago it was carried by the Cowboys. So how did Tony Romo handle that?

“It’s whatever you make it to be,” he said of the 2010 season that ended with the Packers beating the Steelers in his home office.

In Romo’s case, he tried to make it as little as possible.


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Antrel Rolle says no more 'miraculous' games for Jason Witten

Jason Witten of the Dallas Cowboys carries the

(Credit: Getty)

Jason Witten set an NFL record for tight ends when he caught 18 passes for a career-best 167 yards against the Giants the last time the two teams met. Antrel Rolle says that won’t happen again.

“He's done that one time since I've been here, had that miraculous game," Rolle said. "That's not gonna happen again. I can assure that. He will not have 17, 18 catches a game. That's not...

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Ryan Nassib wants to make an impression, then start working on his impressions

Giants quarterback Ryan Nassib (9) looks to throw

(Credit: AP)

We probably (and hopefully for Giants fans) won’t see much of rookie quarterback Ryan Nassib after tomorrow night’s preseason finale in which he’ll come off the bench immediately behind Eli Manning and likely see more snaps against the Patriots than he has during the entire preseason.

But just because we won’t see him doesn’t mean the Giants won’t. If Nassib does win the immediate backup job...

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Which part of the Giants' team concerns you the most heading into the season?

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