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Even Eli's backup doesn't think he should be benched

Even the guy who would benefit the most from benching Eli Manning seems to be against the idea.

“Eli is our quarterback and I think he’s doing a great job and he’ll continue to do a great job,” backup quarterback Curtis Painter said (apparently using the word “great” as a euphemism for “interception-prone”). Manning leads the league with 15 interceptions and some questions have started to...

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Jared Allen says Giants turnovers can be 'like a domino effect'

FILE - Minnesota Vikings defensive ends Jared Allen,

(Credit: AP)

The Giants have the most turnovers in the NFL with 22, and Jared Allen and the Vikings would like to add to that number.

“When a team is turning the ball over, we went through it last year for a spurt, it can be one of those things that can be like a domino effect and it keeps happening,” the Vikings defensive end said. “Anytime a team is struggling, you want to put them in situations to remind...

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Simms, Marino & Co. say Giants should stick with Eli for the long haul

Quarterback Eli Manning of the Giants drops back

(Credit: Getty Images)

The Giants’ quarterback is broken, but do they need a new one?

That was the question posed to four former NFL passers on CBS Sports Network’s show “NFL Monday QB” today. And here are their answers:

From Phil Simms: “It has been a rough year. But there is no doubt in my mind that I would stay with Eli Manning. And so will the Giants, because you know what you have. And, if you bring someone...

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Eli: Division is 'wide open' and Giants can still get hot

Eli Manning looks on from the sidelines after

(Credit: Jim McIsaac)

Don’t tell Eli Manning the season is over. As far as he’s concerned, the 0-5 Giants are in the thick of things.

“Yeah because (the division is) wide open and obviously we’re two games back right now,” he said. “Obviously we’ve got to play better football and do those things, but we still feel that we can get hot.”

The Giants are running out of time, but there are 11 games left with four...

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Phil Simms doesn't listen to Tom Coughlin, goes and blames Eli Manning

Giants quarterback Eli Manning walks to the sidelines

(Credit: Jim McIsaac)

Tom Coughlin wanted us to stop maligning his quarterback. But one of Eli Manning’s predecessors says sorry, that’s part of the deal.

“You always have to give a lot of the blame to the quarterback, especially when you’re throwing interceptions at the numbers that he has,” said Phil Simms on this evening’s broadcast of “NFL Monday QB” on CBS Sports Network. “All quarterbacks know this situation.”


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Coughlin: Don't blame Eli, blame me!

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin reacts during the

(Credit: AP)

A day after he called some of Eli Manning’s plays “almost unbelievable” and “terrible” in the wake of the loss to the Eagles, Tom Coughlin made it clear that not even the three interceptions that doomed the Giants were entirely the quarterback’s fault.

“I know that we’re maligning my quarterback today, and believe me there’s a bunch of people involved in that,” Coughlin said. “Those things...

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Eli Manning, Giants stats at start worst of the era

Eli Manning looks on during the second half

(Credit: AP)

The big number for Big Blue sticks out like a sore thumb – that unchanging “zero” in the Giants’ win column. And while the winless Giants are obviously off, even to the naked eye, a deep dive through the stats confirms the prevailing notion: this is the worst team in the Eli Manning era.

That statement is no exaggeration. We examined the numbers during the Giants’ first five games of every...

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With the season a quarter over, the projected stats are not pretty

Giants quarterback Eli Manning stands on the sideline

(Credit: AP)

Let’s extrapolate, shall we?

The season is a quarter over, a decent sample size, so now is a good time to project how the rest of the season may play out for the Giants from a statistical point of view. Of course, not many of the numbers will be pretty. But hey, it’s the NFL.

So, here’s a chart that shows some key stats from games one through four and what they should be after 16 games....

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Eli, Giants counting on Peyton to help close the gap in NFC East

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning throws a pass

(Credit: AP)

The one salvation for the Giants as they regrouped on Monday to lick the wounds of a fourth straight loss was a glance at the standings.

The Giants may stink, but so does every other team in the division. The Cowboys are on top with a 2-2 record and the Eagles and Redskins each have one victory. For all of their troubles, the Giants are only two games back.

They have an opportunity to...

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Giants not upset that Hakeem Nicks wasn't really upset

Hakeem Nicks of the New York Giants hauls

(Credit: Jim McIsaac)

Hakeem Nicks may not be able to throw passes to himself, but the Giants are convinced that he wasn’t throwing darts either.

“A little bit of this has gotten a little out of proportion, that he didn’t mean it that way or intend it that way,” Tom Coughlin said of Nicks’ comments after he had zero catches and only one target against the Panthers. “I know that it doesn’t matter. It’s what you...

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