Turns out the selection of punter Matt Dodge in the seventh round wasn’t the throw-away pick everyone thought it was.

Jeff Feagles visited with and had a phone conversation with Tom Coughlin in the last week and expressed concerns about his physical abilities to play in 2010. The 44-year-old punter had signed a contract with the team earlier this spring and was expecting to play in his 23rd NFL season.

Coughlin said Feagles will give the team a final answer about his future by the middle of the upcoming week. Would Coughlin be surprised if Feagles says he’s going to play in 2010?

“Yes,” he said.

The Giants already have Australian rules football player Jy Bond on the roster and have added Dodge in anticipation of Feagles announcing his retirement. If Feagles does decide to return to the team, though, Coughlin said he would be welcomed and would compete with the others for the job as was planned.

Coughlin said Feagles has no particular injury.

“He’s 44 years old,” Coughlin said. “He’s having some physical issues and so he’s decided to deal with them.”

Coughlin said Feagle’s decision will be more a matter of if he can play rather than if he wants to play. That decision was already seemingly made when he signed up for another season earlier this month.

At that time, Feagles spoke about not wanting his season to end on the 2009 numbers that were, for him, below expectations.

“I have a lot of pride and I think that some things that happened last year on the field left a real bad taste in my mouth, personally and with the team,” Feagles said. “I just want to come back and show everybody that what happened last year – they said I had a down year. But other than that I’m just moving on. I want to get back to the Super Bowl and this is the one last chance to do it. I’m going to have to compete and that is what I’m going to do.”

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Besides the experience and expertise that would be lost with Feagles, the Giants would also have to replace him on the field goal unit as a holder. Neither Bond nor Dodge has experience in that regard. Coughlin said Jim Sorgi has been working in that capacity lately.